Christina MalinaHi there,

it’s Christina Malina! I’m 30 years, vegan and live in Berlin, the capital of Germany.

Throughout the last 10 years, I’ve been active as a human rights activist. I’ve been giving seminars against antisemitism, racism, sexism, against war. What I realized in my work was, that the root of all discrimination is basically the same: objectification, the denial of personality to the victims.

When I became vegetarian and finally vegan I understood, that all these things are done to animals, as well. It’s called speciesism.

But besides that, I started to see another fact: People eating animal parts and secretions become sick! I stumbled upon the work of Dr. Collin Campbell and his China Study, of Dr. Mc Dougall, Dr. Esselstyne and many others, proving that the consumption of animal products and processed foods cause all our diseases of civilization.

The good news: It’s in our own hands! Thus, by leaving out all these nasty things and adopting a high carb vegan lifestyle, we can reduce our risk of having these diseases to a minimum and even cure them!

What a blessing! This is the message I’d like to share with the world: We can do good, save the animals, the planet and save ourselves, at the same time!

And guess what: It’s a lot of fun, you’ll become a healthier happier person and meet awesome people on the way. What are you waiting for?

Welcome, you’ve found what you were looking for. You’ve found the vegan pot of gold 😉