How to live healthy and ethically with great success? 

Are you also thinking about going vegan and would like to find out more? Or have you been living as a vegan / vegetarian already, but feeling like there is still some potential left?

Get the essentials of years of activism and experience. How to find motivation? What shall I eat? And what should I avoid? I answer these and other questions with a scientific background.

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I highly appreciate the opinion of my costumers! See for yourself:

Compact, informative and warm hearted dietary advice!

I have been thinking about going vegan for a long time. I am moved by a lot of questions, that is why I made use of this coaching. Very good decision!
In her pleasant and empathic way Christina answered my questions in a detailed and comprehensible form. She provided a lot of additional information to questions, that emerged spontaneously through our conversation. She has a huge expertise in this regard and the scientific field connected to it from a great variety of sources. This is why all the pieces fall into place and I understand, what the significant advantages of veganism are, what aspects have to be considered carefully and how to implement into my lifestyle. I felt well advised and understood. The coaching has even expanded my view on the vegan lifestyle and motivated me, to finally start with it. Go vegan!

Thank you so much, Christina!


Hendrik (Dresden)


I support You to thrive, living up to your highest health and ethical standards easily. Knowing the essentials, it will be easy for you to mind all the important aspects and not getting lost in the diet and lifestyle industry.

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